Group Members

 Anne Hutchens Dottie Carter Tim Bradshaw
Psalms 103: 1 – Bless the Lord, O my soul: and all that is within me, bless His holy name.”The Most important thing; In September 1970, I accepted the Lord as my personal Savior. I was a lost church member for several years when Bro. Bill Stafford was at Shining Light Baptist Church holding a revival. It was on a Tuesday night; I remember it like it was yesterday.””In June 1964, I graduated from Northwest Guilford High School, and on July 4th 1964 I married my sweetheart, Gilbert Hutchens and this July 4th we will be married 45 years.””We have two beautiful daughters Judy, who has two beautiful daughters Hannah (17) and Emily Rose – we call her “Rosie” (10) our youngest daughter is Dawn who gave us the “boys” (precious) WOW Trey (7) and Will (6). God has blessed us with a wonderful little family. I have four brothers, L. C., Curt, Fred and Harold, and one sister, Donna. I have one brother and two sisters that have passed away.””Gilbert and I are members of the Shining Light Baptist Church, Greensboro, NC. And Bro. Jimmy Dillon is our pastor. Bro. Jimmy is much more than a pastor to us; he is our friend and has been there for us in every situation. God Bless You Bro. Jimmy – We Love You.”“I have worked for Ryder Transportation Service in Human Resources for 34 years and I am blessed to still have a job.”“I remember as a child we didn’t have a TV for the longest time, and after supper my mom would get out an old church hymnal and she would teach me and my brother how to find a harmony part (no piano, no guitar) and for many years, she, my brother and I would go sing for revivals and homecomings in many churches.”“I sang with The Gospel-Heirs for about five years and when they disbanded, Dottie and I decided we wanted to continue, so 28 years later here we are.Praise The Lord for his many blessing on us. I had no idea that the Lord would bless us and use us for so many wonderful years. If I could please give a little bit of advise to the younger people and younger groups – Be yourself, and follow the leadership of the Lord, pray about the songs He would have you sing, and sing from your heart and not your head. – Darlin, it works every time.”“I want people to be able to see Christ in my walk, talk, attitude and my song. I just want us to be faithful and that we are filled with his sweet Holy Spirit and the people that hear us sing can see and know that we are singing for Him. Many times someone will come to me and say I could feel the presence of the Lord in your songs and testimonies. How rewarding that is, you just can’t put a price tag on the Spirit of the Lord.”“I read an article a couple of months ago that a 14 year old girl had written and her parents are well known gospel singers. She said in that article “I am tired of people being fake, I just want to see the real thing” – me too.”“I thank The Lord for all the ones that have been a part of our group at some point and time. Fred, Stacy & Brandon, I love you. Dottie and Tim, “Thank you” for being so faithful to the Lord and the group; I couldn’t make it without you.”“I certainly appreciate every opportunity the Lord has given us to sing and for supplying our needs. I want to give a special “Thank you” to all the pastors that have allowed us to come and sing at their church. – God Bless You – We Love You All.Dottie Carter has been singing since she was a little girl.She sang for a long time with her brothers and her mother played the piano.As a teenager in Shining Light Baptist Church, she sang in a trio. In December of 1977 Dottie sang in an ensemble in the Christmas play at Shining Light. Anne Hutchens was also in that ensemble.After the Christmas play, five people (including Anne and Dottie) formed a group called The Gospel Heirs. The group stayed together until January, 1981.After they stopped singing Anne and Dottie along with Anne’s brother, Fred, formed The Joyful Sounds in February, 1982.

Dottie and her husband David were married in June of 1981. They have two children, Adam and Sarah.Dottie has five brothers; James, Odell, Tommy, Mike, and Buddy. Dottie’s parents were Sanford and Helen Smith. They went home to be with the Lord in March, 1992 and November, 2003 respectively.Dottie works for an insulation company in Greensboro as an Inside Sales Rep and as the Regional Administrator.

“I was saved in September, 1985 in the home of my pastor. I thought I was saved at the age of ten, but the Lord convicted me through several services we attended where the preachers had a burden for lost church members. I am so thankful for the day the Lord opened my blinded eyes, made me realize I was lost, and saved my soul.”

“I am very honored to have been a member of The Joyful Sounds all these years. I thank God for Anne and Tim, and for His blessings upon our group. I pray each day that God will continue to lead and guide us, and use our group to be a blessing and to help lead the lost to Christ.”

Tim Bradshaw has been singing with The Joyful Sounds since August of 2007.Tim has been singing in church most of his life, beginning with the pastor’s Booster Band as a toddler and including a couple of project recordings. The first was a solo recording titled “Everything To Me” and also a quartet project with Potter’s Clay titled “On Bended Knee”. Both projects were recorded in 2001.Tim is the son of Reverend and Mrs. Julius Bradshaw who now reside in Belews Creek, NC and have served God in evangelism, pastoral, and foreign missionary work for nearly sixty years. Tim has one sister, Julia Tatum and two brothers, Stephen and Jonathan. Jonathan now pastors Long Branch Baptist Church in South Carolina.Tim married Fredia in December of 1990 at Shining Light Baptist Church. They have a son, Greg Childress, a daughter, Candie Edwards and one very sweet granddaughter, Lyndsey Edwards.Tim and Fredia live in Greensboro, NC and have been members of Shining Light Baptist Church since November of 1997. Tim works in Information Technologies, including web site design, management, and graphic design as well as printing and publishing.  In 2009, Tim also began teaching high school Journalism classes at the Shining Light Academy.“I was saved at the age of 6 on a Sunday morning in Lankford Memorial Baptist Church here in Greensboro, NC where my father was pastor at the time. “I thank God for saving me through the blood of His precious Son, Jesus and it’s my desire and prayer to honor Him, serve Him and live a life that is pleasing unto Him”.“I first met Anne Hutchens in 1990 when Fredia and I were married and she agreed to sing at our wedding. The first time I heard The Joyful Sounds sing was a few years later when we visited Shining Light Baptist Church on a Sunday morning when Anne, Dottie and Brandon sang “Out Of Harm’s Way”. I’ll never forget it because the Holy Spirit really made Himself known in that service and I believe they sang the song at least four times.”  “I have always loved The Joyful Sounds because of the stand they have always taken in the testimony of their lives and the songs they sing, songs that bring honor and glory to God and lift up the name of Jesus. It truly is a ministry and I’m so thankful to God that I now have the opportunity to be a part of this wonderful ministry.” (Romans 8:28)